Planning On The Future?

After all those blessings that have been happening in my life, I don’t take them for granted. I will need to keep working until I can give back to those kids from Haiti who have big dreams like me. They want to follow their dream but they don’t have the opportunity or some of the materials we have in the U.S.  such as good school, clean water, food, and stuff. I feel like when I’m in order to help it will be a blessing to those kids because I was once time lived that lifestyle and  I will be the best gift for them.

First I have to work hard in order to succeed and them, I know it will take a while and it might be a hard journey but in the end, it will be worth it to save lives and make a lot of dreams become a reality.  I’m also looking forward to go back this summer or December of 2020. The main reasons I want to go back those times is to see my family and spend more time with friends because the last time I didn’t because I was too busy staying on the H.I schedule.  Christmas in Haiti is fun its the time where you spend most of your time with friends and listening to Haitian Christmas songs for the most part. Its where people being creative, The organized soccer tournaments that bring all the neighborhoods together its tone of the time of the year all Haitians come together and celebrate. Two gifts that is the most important for Haitian kids during Christmas is clothes and money. Where every kids want to look good. At least that’s how I grow up. We don’t get a lot of expansive gifts. We some similarities to the U.S where every house that can afford it decorate their house with Christmas lights. Then summer is just there’s so much free time to hang with your best friends. Especially the village that I lived in was not very big so I don’t need a car to go to my friends’ house. Most of my friends live close to me so we always at each others’ place. That’s one of the things I miss, also I was young when I was there so I didn’t go to a lot of places if it’s not school or soccer Practice. I feel like now things will change when I get because  I’m older now and most of my friends are in University studying abroad for a while. some of them completely move to different countries.