Haiti Trip

If you see my first-page post you’ll see what I will be talking about in this blog.  Haiti is an Island that is located in the Caribean and there’s a border that just separates us to the Dominican Republic in the past we used to be one country as a whole.  We close to other Caribbean Islands like Cuba and Jamaica

Since I moved here I didn’t get to go back home (Haiti) very often because there were any goals that I wanted to archive before I could try to go and see my families and help other kids in many ways that I can. One time my friends from Minnesota mentioned that they will go to Haiti with the exchange program through the Tony Sanneh Foundation. They also want me to be their chaperone in Haiti. At first, I thought that will be a great experience for them to have in their life and I thought that they wouldn’t need me. “I was born in Haiti they wouldn’t need my presence” that’s what I said to myself. Throughout the process, they tried to convince me to go I didn’t feel it. Then midway I was thinking it will be a good idea to go since I have not seen family and friends for 4 years since I left.

I finally committed to the process I agreed to go with them, I was happy to show them around, and help them out. They were seven of us as teenagers who went. There were adults who went along as stuff and two of my friends have their parents who came along to the trip. I did all the requirements in order to go on the trip. It was May, 10th, 2017 that I went to Haiti with my Minnesota friends. I was excited to see the changes in that happened to my friends country. Nothing was changed but me. My tongue was heavy when I was trying to speak Haitian Creole. It was a struggle for the first time. I went to the field and see the field where I used to practice. I saw the coaches and train with them for at least four hours. It fun to connect to the kids and to see my friends is learning about my home country it was amazing to see. The best part was the next day at the feeding center which is where the kids eat after the practice. I was able to see my family for the first time after four years. I was emotional and Exciting…….

I can See & Feel It

This year for Drake Mens’ soccer is expected to win the MVC conference. We have believed this will be possible because of the many good talents we have within this team. This weekend is a good week for us in the conference because we have the challenge to unlock against Missouri State University. They are second on the table right now in order to make the conference we have to win our last 2 games(maybe tie) which not impossible if we give everything we have on each one of those games.

We’re in this situation its because we lost to Bradley 1-0 last weekend which if we would have beat them they wouldn’t qualify for the tournament. But we take 100% responsibility for that loss. We moved on, we ready to step up and do what we had done against UIC, Tulsa, and Butler. Those teams were top 25 in the country and we were the top 38 in the country in September after we beat them.

This week we are all focused to get on Missouri State and get the result we want.  Also, we respect the opponents, We know that they’re good and it will be a good game but we’re the better team no question.

Today is Monday, Oct 29. 2018 After these two games I was mentioned earlier that we were expected to win. We played on Saturday against Missouri State. Not going to lie they were good but we were better. It was a fun game we gave everything we got to get the three points but it didn’t happen. I played a lot for that game. The game was long because both of us didn’t want to give up we went to overtime. Over time was 10 minutes each half. We tied 0-0 which gives each of us 1 point. We’re ok with the result because usually, we went in overtime against two other teams we lost both because of fatigue. This time we grind it out and we didn’t let them walked away with three points.

Today was a re-entry day at practice we didn’t do a lot this morning. We recovered from our game from last weekend because some of us are still sore. It’s just a way to practice up to 100% percent tomorrow. This week we’re preparing to play University of Valparaiso this upcoming weekend. This is our last game for in the regular season then after that, it will be the MVC tournament. But We have to beat or tie Valpo in order to make the tournament.