About The Kid From Haiti

My name is Juan Shneighder Louis I’m a sophomore at Drake University. I live in Goodwin-Kirk Residence Hall.  I moved in the U.S.  4 years ago. I live in Minnesota and that’s where I finished my high school education. The name of the school is called Washburn senior high. Before I moved here I was playing for the Sanneh Foundation

The Sanneh Foundations is an organization that is all over. it’s Nationally and Internationally involved in the community. They help kids in Minnesota with a variety of things. They usually use schools and sports as a platform to reach out etc…

     Withing the Sanneh Foundation there’s non profit organization call  Haitian Initiative which is located in Port-Au -Prince Haiti. They have a soccer academy in Haiti where kids train, five times a week. I played for them when I was 13 years old then the  summer of 2014 I came to Minnesota with a team from Haiti to play in the USA CUP

    It was a very fun tournament that was my first time outside of Haiti since I was born so you can imagine how happy I was. It was a different experience for me. and that’s what most people in Haiti dreamed about is to travel to the U.S for most of the part. I was happy when I came everything looked nice. Then it was the first time leaving my family too but I didn’t miss them I was ready for the adventure. The tournament was awesome and always awesome, there are other countries from all over the world such as Brazil, Argentina, Spain, England, Nigeria, Ghana etc.

        My team was in 2 tournaments one of them is a weekend short and a week-long one. As a team, we played well in the first tournament, It was fun to play against one team from Costa Rica, Canada, and Aruba. Some of them were very good but most of the games we won them by a lot scoring wise. Personally, I scored approximately of four goals for that weekend. We playCostasat Rica in the first Championship game. It was a tough game but we carried the trophy for the first place. I remembered that I scored 2 goals in that game. It was a successful weekend. We were very proud of ourselves,  most teams were bigger than us.

        Then we moved into the second tournament it was longer because it lasts a week. From my experience, it was very challenging but we played well. During the weekend tournament, we had some time after games to explore the state. We visited the University Of Minnesota we visited the football field and their locker room it was pretty cool. We did some other things that were cool. We played a team in the championship final that was good but I believe we were better but we lost 1-0 which made everybody sad.